Bilderking Heidelberg is a specialist for placing innovative international retail and food concepts in the German market in best high street and shopping mall locations all over Germany.

Why the name Bilderking Heidelberg and what is different compared to other companies in this market? 

During his studies of economy in Mannheim university, Andreas Kuebe, which is the CEO of Bilderking Heidelberg, founded in 1989 a photo retailer. In the following years Andreas Kuebe opened more than 100 shops in best high street and mall locations all over Germany and France.

2003/04 Andreas Kuebe  left the photo retailer to build up a consulting business. The idea was to help international retailers to place their concepts into the German market.  

Bilderking Heidelberg is an independent consultant which is not an agent but has the best contacts to all regional, national and international agents, private landlords, funds, insurance companies... Because Bilderking Heidelberg is an independent consultant we can identify the best possible location in the more than 120 German cities and more than 200 shopping malls for your brand.

Bilderking Heidelberg is a full service company. Bilderking Heidelberg analyses the market for your brand. Bilderking Heidelberg helps you to define the market entry strategy. Bilderking Heidelberg scans the whole market for the best possible location. We do the investment calculation, the negotiaions for the rent contract and if you like our architects will renovate your new location due to your brand image. 

You define the goal -- We make your investment as sure as possible.